The kitchen is one of the most popular, and expensive, rooms to renovate. When deciding on a new home, homebuyers often look at the kitchen first, and kitchen upgrades typically go the farthest when increasing your home’s value. However, some homeowners spend thousands on kitchen remodeling and make drastic mistakes that can end up costing them even more in the end. According to the home remodel experts at Booher Remodeling Company, here are some common kitchen design mistakes to avoid on your next project. 

Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

1. Ignoring the Kitchen Work Triangle

Your stove, sink, and refrigerator make up the three points in the work triangle.  It is important to keep the space between each point between four and nine feet. You do not want to place appliances, cabinets, or trash cans within the path of the triangle.

2. Not Enough Storage

Plenty of cabinet space is key, but you can make your kitchen really special if you incorporate smart storage features. Cabinets that have pull-out drawers for easier access, pull-out trash cans, and pull-out spice racks are just a few of the options available to make your kitchen more organized and functional. 

3. Inadequate Counter Space

It doesn’t matter how large your kitchen is, you always need as much counter space as possible. It is important for a functional kitchen to have multiple workspaces and, since the kitchen is the heart of the home, you will need space for people to eat and socialize. 

4. Poor Lighting

No one likes a dark kitchen, so don’t skimp on lighting for the most important room in your home. You should have three types of lighting – general, task, and accent lighting. General lighting, such as recessed lights, provide overall illumination. Task lights, such as pendants or track lights, highlight your prep zones. Under-the-cabinet or in-cabinet lighting provides accents.

5. Improper Island Size and Placement

It is possible for your island to be too big, too small, or spaced incorrectly, any of which would hinder the overall flow of your kitchen. The best way to ensure that you have the best island for your space is to consult a professional like Booher, and have them design your island and kitchen layout. 

Now that you know what NOT to do with a kitchen remodel, it’s time to start designing the kitchen of your dreams. If you’re in the Indianapolis area, including Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, or Brownsburg, contact Booher Remodeling today at (317) 852-5546, or request a consultation online