Kitchen renovations generally require a lot of time and money, and if you’ve just bought a new home, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend more money. However, if your new kitchen isn’t quite your dream come true, there are a variety of ways that you can give it a new look before you move in for a lot less. Our team at Booher Remodeling Company has put together a list of cosmetic tweaks that you can use to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted. New Kitchen Remodel

1. Cabinets

If you are happy with the layout and function of your kitchen but you don’t love the aesthetic feel, consider cabinet refacing. Refacing involves replacing the doors, drawers, and hardware and covering the entire exterior of the cabinets with a new veneer. This way, instead of fully gutting your kitchen and having several months before you can use your new one, you can have it done in just three to five days.

2. Backsplash

Creating a new backsplash is an easy way to freshen up your kitchen. Be sure to choose a timeless material that will complement your cabinetry, and avoid mixing styles and periods. For instance, if your new house came with 1970’s- era cabinetry, you won’t want to pair them with something trendy like subway tile.

3. Countertops

To save money on new countertops, head to your local stone yard, and choose a granite at the lower end of the price range. If you’re short on counter space, consider buying a pre-made island or bar-height table that you can float in the center of your kitchen for more workspace. Another great idea is purchasing a stainless steel food prep table from a restaurant supply company to give your kitchen a contemporary feel.

4. Shelving

Does your new kitchen have an empty wall? You can create your own shelving system with floating shelves from a retailer such as IKEA. Just be sure that you install brackets underneath the shelves if you plan on loading them up with dishes and cooking wares.

5. Lighting

Perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to change the look and feel of your new kitchen is by replacing the existing lighting. Tear out harsh fluorescent lighting, and replace it with can lights. Also, consider a few extra things you can do like installing under-cabinet halogen fixtures, or put a statement piece like a sculptural pendant light over the kitchen sink. Want to find out more about how you can easily update your new kitchen before you move in? Schedule a consultation with Booher Remodeling Company’s design team today by contacting us at (317) 852-5546. We’d be glad to talk about your new kitchen design plan.