A small kitchen can be frustrating, but there are ways to make it feel larger and more functional even without tearing down walls or spending a bunch of money. It’s all about properly utilizing your given space and making upgrades that give a sense of more openness. Here are five recommended upgrades for your small kitchen from the team at Booher Remodeling Company.

5 Upgrades for Your Small Kitchen Remodel

Better Lighting

Perhaps the most affordable way to make your kitchen feel larger is more lighting. You can add lighting under your cabinets or track lighting on the ceiling. Adding more light to your kitchen makes it feel more inviting and less cramped.

New Sink

One upgrade that may not have occurred to you is a single bowl, farmhouse-style sink. Double bowl sinks take up several more inches of counter space. Plus, single bowl sinks are gorgeous and really add to the overall look of your kitchen.

An Island

An island may not work for every small kitchen, but if you can work one in, it’s a great idea. A kitchen island not only adds more counter space but additional storage space as well. Another advantage is that it can double as an eating area if you add a couple of stools.

Cabinets or Shelving

There are numerous options when it comes to upgrading your cabinets or shelving. Windowed cabinets are a great way to make your kitchen appear larger. Or if you feel that cabinets are too bulky and make your kitchen feel even more cramped, consider open shelving instead. This is a great minimalist look that doesn’t completely overtake your wall real estate.

The Color

Lastly, the color of your kitchen can really play into how small it feels. Darker colors, especially with dim lighting, can make a kitchen seem cramped. Consider painting your walls and cabinets white to give the feeling of more space.

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