Believe it or not, you may be seeing quite a bit of bronze these days in modern bathroom design. But before you go dismissing the current bronze craze due to trauma from the 1980s, our design team here at Booher Remodeling Company urges you to consider these bathroom-remodeling tips for using bronze. Bathroom Remodeling Tips

1. Dull it down.

For most of you, the minute we said “bronze”, you pictured that shiny, brash bronze from the 1980s. It was cheap, and it was everywhere. However, today’s bronze is a little less in your face and has a much more toned-down appeal. The most popular bronze drawer handles and fixtures are more of a matte finish that look more high-end than chintzy.

2. Pair it with gray, white, or black.

If you’re choosing bronze hardware for your bathroom remodel, then we recommend that you stay away from wood cabinets. The combination of oak and shiny brass was definitely a 1980s trend you want to stay away from. Instead, choose cabinets painted in solid gray, white, or black. Keep it simple, and make sure your countertop follows suit. You may even just decide to use a simple white quartz or butcher block top.

3. Don’t go overboard.

Yes, bronze is here for its day in the spotlight. But that doesn’t mean that you should bronze absolutely everything. Be strategic with your touches of bronze in your bathroom design so that it highlights modern trends without making someone feel like they’d entered King Midas’s master bath. (Yes, that was gold. . . but you get the idea.) If you need help incorporating bronze into your design plans, contact Booher Remodeling Company today at (317) 852-5546.We are a local home-remodeling company based in Indianapolis, IN, and our home-design team would love to talk through all your bathroom-remodeling ideas and even help you put your plans into action.