Custom Kitchen – The Home Baker’s Delight

May 30, 2016 | Home Improvement

For those who love to bake, what is more satisfying than turning out perfect pie crust, flaky croissants, ganache-filled macarons, gooey cookies, juicy poached pears, or other delicious morsels? If you’ve been dreaming of kitchen remodeling to satisfy the pastry chef in you, look no further than these tips from Booher Remodeling Company of Indianapolis. Elements of a Baker’s Dream Kitchen: A kitchen layout designed to allow easy flow between the main work surface and the oven, refrigerator, and pantry A large work surface to spread out ingredients, roll out dough, and cool finished products A customized kitchen that is suited to the needs of the main user—For example, have your main countertop custom-designed to your height so that your shoulders and neck are more comfortable as you mix, knead, and roll. Dropping or raising an island by a couple of inches from standard height can make a big difference, … Continued

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The Value of Professional Home Design

February 26, 2016 | Home Design

Home remodeling is never as easy as we think it will be. We watch HGTV and get great ideas about waterfall countertops, hardwood floors, built-in cabinetry, and breakfast nooks. However, incorporating those custom home improvements into your home—and doing the work—almost always looks easier than it is. What many homeowners are discovering is that in order to get the finished product they desire, professional help is necessary. Not all projects are DIY. You need a home design team who can work with a general contractor to turn your home remodeling dreams into reality.

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Remodel Your Home

February 22, 2016 | Home Improvement

You’ve been binge-watching HGTV. Suddenly, you look around your house and realize it’s in need of an update. Before you go knocking down walls or trying to move your laundry room upstairs, Booher Remodeling Company encourages you to ask yourself a few home remodeling questions.

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Updating Your Powder Room

January 5, 2016 | Bathroom Design

A powder room, often called a half-bath, is usually a small bathroom containing only a sink and toilet. Let the bathroom remodeling experts at Booher Remodeling Company give your lackluster powder room a facelift and see what a difference an update can make. We’ll work with you to pinpoint your style, understand your design preferences, and include you in the design process from start to finish. Powder rooms are often overlooked during home remodeling but updating them is generally quite manageable both in scope and in budget. Plus, they can be redone as part of major home renovations or as a simple home improvement project. Read on for some of our top tips on updating your powder room. Flooring – since the square footage is small, this is an excellent room to splurge on flooring. Bathroom floors can  take a heavy beating and you don’t want to replace them again … Continued

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Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

December 22, 2015 | Home Improvement

Kitchen remodeling can come with quite a price tag, so you want to do it right the first time. Booher Remodeling Company doesn’t want to waste your time or money, so we work hard to avoid some of these common kitchen design flaws many home remodelers or DIY enthusiasts make. 1. Go overboard. Many people get so excited about kitchen remodeling that they try to include too many unique or creative features. However, too much is…well, too much. Prioritize kitchen design elements that are important to you, and be willing to say goodbye to the others. They may have looked great in someone else’s kitchen, but that doesn’t mean they need to be in yours. 2. Go big when you don’t have the space. If you don’t have money or space to expand, work with the space you have in your kitchen design. Don’t try to cram an industrial refrigerator … Continued

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Home Improvement Tips For The Holidays

November 26, 2015 | Bathroom Remodeling

As the holiday season draws near, it is time to start thinking about opening our homes to family and friends. How will you be preparing your home for the influx of visitors and all the celebrations? Your friends at Booher Remodeling Company have a few helpful home improvement suggestions to help you sail through the season. Finish off the DIY. If you are the do-it-yourself type, make sure that any unfinished projects get wrapped up, cleaned up and put away before company arrives and starts tripping over your paint cans. If you’ve taken on more than you can complete, call in a local home improvement specialist who can complete the job quickly and professionally. Don’t start any major renovations. While you may be dreaming of overhauling your kitchen or tearing out your bathroom, now is not the time to start a major home remodeling project. Unless you want to skip … Continued

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Senior-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling

October 20, 2015 | Home Improvement

As a follow-up to our recent blog on designing senior-friendly bathrooms, we felt a blog about senior-friendly kitchens for those who choose to age in their own homes would be appropriate. Kitchen remodeling to empower older folks to live independently and safely does take some forethought but it does not need to be complicated or expensive. The professional designers at Booher Remodeling Company in Indianapolis take into account each client’s current requirements in addition to potential obstacles that may come up. Sound and light. Hearing and vision are two of the most common challenges for seniors. Kitchen areas including prep stations, cooktop, and sink must be well-lit and electronic devices like timers and smoke detectors need to be loud enough to hear. Easy, pain-free opening. Another common ailment as we age is arthritis and joint pain. Long-handles rather than small knobs on drawers, levered door handles rather than doorknobs, and levered … Continued

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Kids In The Kitchen

September 24, 2015 | Home Improvement

Most kids love to help out in the kitchen, as long as it’s made to feel fun and rewarding. Often, all it takes is an invitation and they will come running to join in on dinner duty. If you are undertaking a kitchen remodeling project, this is the perfect time to create a family-friendly space where your kids are comfortable and where you all want to spend time as a family. What are the benefits of children helping out in the kitchen? They learn essential life skills. Not only are they learning about food and cooking, working in the kitchen teaches basic math principles and develops new vocabulary as well. Spending quality time together making and sharing meals and snacks can solidify family bonds. In the long term, youngsters who spend time in the kitchen will learn to clean up after themselves and to appreciate the work that goes into … Continued

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The Modern Farm Kitchen

September 7, 2015 | Basement Remodeling

Fall harvest season is upon us. That means many of us are spending a lot of time in our kitchens canning, drying, and freezing food that we will be able to enjoy throughout the winter. We aren’t just talking about homesteaders here, there is a significant movement throughout North America of people returning to the art of eating locally and preserving their own food. So what would be some of the most important design elements in a busy kitchen and what would a kitchen remodeling project look like for a family who uses their kitchen in this manner? In many ways, it would be like combining grandma’s farm kitchen of yesteryear with the modern conveniences and technology that we have today. Large work surfaces – Having enough room to spread out is a must when processing big batches. Having a large work surface such as a kitchen island gives you … Continued

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Surviving Your Home Improvement Project

August 26, 2015 | Home Improvement

Are you preparing to tackle kitchen remodeling? Or maybe you’re ready to rip out your master bathroom sink—along with everything else? Embarking on a home improvement project is no small thing, so you want to do all you can to prepare yourself and make the most of it. We at Booher Remodeling Company want to give you a few tips on surviving home remodeling.

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