You throw multiple dinner parties a year—the menu, the music, the event all carefully planned out. It’s no wonder you want to remodel your kitchen to be a better representation of you: a classy host, full of grace and style. Booher Remodeling Company—a top-rated Indianapolis kitchen remodeling company—offers a few tips on achieving a clean, classic kitchen design.

1. Choose quality over quantity.

Simplicity with a personal touch goes a long way when kitchen remodeling. Don’t try to cram all your ideas into one space. Instead, choose a few time-tested quality products—from cabinetry to appliances—that will last for years to come (both in terms of style and durability). Plus, take into account the size of your kitchen and your budget for the kitchen remodel. If you don’t have space for the industrial refrigerator as well as the custom wine storage, pick which items are most important for you to include and upgrade.

2. Go neutral.

If you want a color that is classic through the decades, choose a neutral. White just may be your best friend. From your backsplash tile to your wall color, neutral tones are clean, comfortable, and calming. Then, if you want a little color surprise, throw in a few decorative details with that feisty red or sunburst yellow. Just make sure the basics—countertops, cabinets, sinks, and walls—stay neutral.

3. Make a space to gather.

Your friends, family members, and co-workers regularly converge in your kitchen to enjoy drinks, dinner, and good conversation. However, you don’t want them right in your elbow space as you try to make last-minute dinner preparations. Adding an island or a breakfast nook during a kitchen remodel can give your guests a space to hang out without hanging all over you. Do you want additional ideas for a classy kitchen design? Have a kitchen remodeling question for an Indianapolis home-remodeling expert? Check out our kitchen remodel photo gallery, and don’t hesitate to contact us at Booher Remodeling Company. By calling (317) 852-5546, you can speak to one of our kitchen-design team members or schedule a consultation. Booher Remodeling Company is an award-winning home remodeling company. Let us help you create a quality kitchen with classic style—for all those dinner parties in your future.