Penny counters beware. Even though Booher Building Company Inc. is famous for having the best home remodeling prices in Indiana, today were going to discuss kitchen remodeling projects that are on the more expensive, yet totally worth it, side of the spectrum. But even if your funds are a bit more limited, you can still glean a few sparks of inspiration for ways to add an elegant touch to your kitchen.

Upscale Kitchen Remodeling

  • Stainless steel appliances: Stainless steel is just the beginning of more expensive kitchen additions. Even though it isn’t cost effective it is the one of the number one growing kitchen remodeling trend in the country right now. Homeowners love the clean, industrial look stainless steel appliances bring to the kitchen.
  • Gorgeous kitchen islands: An island is a necessity in larger kitchens, giving your family added counter space and more storage.  During the kitchen remodeling consider installing a second sink in the island also aids in quicker food preparation, this is a great place to add an industrial garbage disposal and trash compacter.
  • Upgrade the kitchen countertops: Today’s tile companies have an endless array of materials to choose from for countertops. It is easy to make an elegant statement with granite, quartz, marble or an exotic hardwood.  You can even custom design a countertop for your next kitchen remodeling project.
  • Double up on appliances: Double ovens that come as one piece, and are quickly becoming a kitchen staple.  Another emerging trend is adding an extra refrigerator in your kitchen or another area of the house. If you don’t have the space for two, consider an extra large fridge with amenities like snack drawers.  For added cooking surfaces, choose a professional style cook top with a built-in grill or extra burners.
  • Quality kitchen cabinets and kitchen cupboards: Cabinets are usually an area where people can save money by installing or finishing them by themselves. However, having professionally constructed and installed top-of-the-line cabinets with multiple functions, decorative features and solid construction, although expensive, is a great decorative and functional attribute to any home.
  • Increase the kitchen’s convenience: If you love cooking with fresh herbs, consider installing a greenhouse window for instant, year round access.  Plus, the greenery of the plants will add a sense of lushness to your beautiful new kitchen remodel. You could also add an attractive hanging pot rack, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.
If you are looking to add one of these more expensive kitchen additions, for the best kitchen remodeling prices in Indiana, contact Booher Building Company Inc. The expert kitchen remodelers at Booher Building can help you bring new life and light to the most used room in your home. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana you can contact us by calling 317-852-5546 and speak with one of our Indianapolis kitchen remodelers today!