We often hear of ergonomics as they pertain to the workplace, but have you ever considered the ergonomics of your home? The team at the Booher Remodeling Company invites you to think about the following points when creating a home that suits your needs.

Defining Home Ergonomics

Ergonomics-Info.com explains home ergonomics as: “having components of a home that have been designed with the body’s comfort in mind. Not only will the user be comfortable, it will also be much easier to use…AND will also prevent injuries.” That being said, ergonomics can include furniture such as couches and beds, tools from rakes to kitchen knives, as well as fixtures, home design and layout.

The Investment

When it comes to changing the design, layout or permanent fixtures in your home to make them more ergonomic for you, remember: this is very personalized and not likely a good investment if you plan on selling your home in the near future. Therefore, the best time to work with a design expert and invest in creating an ergonomic home would be when undertaking home remodeling or when building a custom home that you plan to live in for a long time.

Kitchen & Bathroom Customization

Two places we spend a great deal of time are the kitchen and bathroom. Both of these rooms tend to be built with everything being set at “standard” heights to accommodate people of average height and ability. For example, a standard bathroom vanity is 30 inches high and kitchen counters come standard at 36 inches. However, a builder or cabinet maker can customize those heights to your exact specifications during bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling. Consider that bringing the kitchen sink or kitchen island down by about 2 inches can make a huge difference on shoulder and neck strain for shorter cooks and make the task much more enjoyable. In addition to customizing heights, there are a wide variety of finishes and add-ons that would be considered ergonomic. From barrier-free layouts to proper lighting and sit-down vanities, your home improvement expert can help you decide what will work best for you. To learn more on customizing your Indianapolis home to make it more ergonomic, contact the design experts at Booher Remodeling. Call us at (317) 852-5546 to schedule a design consultation and start living life more comfortably.