If you are looking for a way to add some style to your kitchen without completing a full remodel, consider adding or updating your backsplash. The backsplash sits between your countertops and cabinetry, and protects your drywall from spills and stains. There are countless options for a great backsplash, ranging from trendy subway tiles to interesting finishes and patterns. However, before you start poring over all the options out there, first consider whether a standard or full backsplash is right for you. To help with that decision, our team at Booher Remodeling Company has spelled it out below.

Choosing a Backsplash Height

Standard Backsplash

A standard backsplash measures only 4 inches up the wall from your countertop and is often made of the same material as your countertop. This a great option for homeowners that are more budget-conscious, as it requires less material and less labor than a full backsplash. Another advantage of this type of backsplash is that is still leaves a large part of the wall open, which gives you the opportunity to try out a fun paint color or other design idea. However, while the standard height backsplash is the more convenient and less expensive option, there is a downside. The purpose of a backsplash is to protect your wall from grease and food splatter and, with a standard height, much of your wall is still vulnerable to splatter.

Full Height Backsplash

A full height backsplash fills the entire space between your countertops and your cabinets, creating a more cohesive look. With this option, you can incorporate eye-catching colors or textures and really let your style shine through. In addition to style, the full height backsplash adds protection to your kitchen walls. If you regularly cook, entertain, or craft in your kitchen, you’ll appreciate the extra protection. However, remember that this option will be pricier and more labor intensive, so it’s a larger project to consider.

Whether you choose standard, full height, or somewhere in between, your friends at Booher Remodeling Company are here to help. Contact us today at (317) 852-5546 or schedule a free virtual consultation. We provide premium home improvement services throughout the Indianapolis area.