Kitchen SinkNot until you started remodeling your kitchen did you realize how many decisions you would have to make—and how many options you’d have for just about everything. From flooring to cabinet hardware to light fixtures, your mind might be swirling with what to choose. If it’s time to select your kitchen sink and you’re struggling with picking the right one, here are a few tips from our team at Booher Remodeling Company.

1. Consider function first.

Many people want to jump right to the style, but we keep it last because while style can change, it’s the function and durability of your sink that will make or break your kitchen. Before you start looking at the design, write down all the ways you use your sink on a regular day. Include washing dishes, food prep, hand washing, garbage disposal, and so on. Then, make a list of what you want your sink to do that it doesn’t do currently. For example, many people want a deeper sink to easily fit large pans or hide dishes from sight. Some want one large sink versus a divided sink basin. Consider what might work best for you.

2. Determine how many sinks you want.

For many a chef (whether pro or of the DIY variety), one sink is just never enough. Consider whether you want one to do everything or whether you want to have one sink for dishes and cleanup and a separate one for food prep. The two-sink option may also depend on the size of your kitchen, so be sure to consult with one of our kitchen designers to see if you can make it work.

3. Survey the materials.

Most of us grew up with a stainless steel kitchen sink, but you have additional options out there. You can choose from porcelain, ceramic, granite, natural stone, and more. Research the pros and cons of using different sink materials, and select two or three that fit your needs, your budget, and your style.

4. Choose your style.

Finally! The step you’ve been waiting for. You may know exactly the style you want (under-mount, farmhouse, self-rimming, etc.), or you may want to browse Pinterest for a while. If you’re completely lost or want some input, then you can always consult with our design team. By going through these steps, you should be able to find just the right sink (or two) to fit your kitchen’s form and function. For more kitchen-remodeling tips or to get an estimate for your home project, contact Booher Remodeling today at (317) 852-5546. We provide Indianapolis homeowners with high-quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling that you can rely on.