Is your family home perfect in almost every way? You love the living room, the bedrooms, and even the yard is perfect. But there’s just one thing that continues to bother you: you have a small kitchen. Maybe it didn’t seem so small when you bought the house. Or, maybe it fit your needs when you moved in, but your family has grown. Whatever it is that’s making you feel claustrophobic in your kitchen, Booher Remodeling Company can help. We know it might be unrealistic to add square footage to your kitchen, so we’ve got some great ideas to make your kitchen feel bigger without breaking down any walls.

Small Kitchen Ideas

Vertical Space

If lack of storage space is making your kitchen feel small, consider taking advantage of your vertical space by installing hanging shelves, peg board, and magnetic knife strips on your walls. You’d be surprised at how much bigger your space can feel just by freeing up your countertops. You can also add small, open shelves to store items like spices and kitchen towels, making these a beautiful and functional addition.

Open Shelving

Another great option for making your space feel bigger is eliminating bulky cabinets and replacing them with open shelving. You can create open shelving by swapping out your current cabinets for shelves, replacing solid cabinet doors with glass doors, or even just removing the cabinet doors entirely. This will create an airy, sophisticated look and make your kitchen feel less closed off.

Horizontal Flooring

The magic of horizontal lines is that they pull your eyes from side to side, which creates the illusion of a wider space. When choosing flooring for your kitchen, choose tile or wood that can be laid parallel to the entrance of the room, so that you will walk across a horizontal pattern. If you’d rather not replace your flooring, a large rug with horizontal stripes can have the same widening effect.

If you want to find more ways to make your small kitchen feel larger, talk to our design team today by calling (317) 852-5546. At Booher Remodeling Company, we don’t just handle kitchen remodels, we also take pride in designing dream kitchens and bathrooms for our Indianapolis area clients.