While it may seem like the holidays are still far in the future, the truth is they will be here before you know it. Between school starting and fall sports, these next few months will fly by and before long, you’ll be shopping for a turkey. Therefore, if your kitchen isn’t ready to host a large event, now is the time to change that. Check out these tips from Booher Remodeling Company to get your kitchen ready for entertaining this holiday season.

Creating an Entertainment Kitchen for the Holidays

Install an Island

Adding an island to your kitchen is the number one way to make it more hosting-friendly. The island not only offers many storage options and functionality, it also gives guests a place to sit and hang out while you prepare the meal. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can even add features to your island that will come in handy when multiple people are cooking at once. Consider adding a second sink, an additional stovetop, or even an extra, hidden microwave.

Find Creative Storage Solutions

Another key element of a great entertainment kitchen is plenty of storage. Your guests will feel much more welcome and relaxed in a clutter-free zone. Work with a kitchen designer to find creative solutions and keep your countertops clear. Consider adding retractable drawers and racks under your cabinets to maximize your storage space and utilize every available space with vertical storage.

Choose the Right Countertops

Finally, if you plan to do a lot of cooking and hosting this holiday season, you’ll need to make sure your countertops are up to the challenge. Choose a durable material that won’t scratch or wear out quickly, so you can keep on cooking for years to come. You’ll also want to consider how much maintenance you’ll be willing to put into your countertops. Our design team can help you to make an informed decision that will match your kitchen’s needs with your own person style.

It’s never too early to start planing for the holidays. With a kitchen remodel from Booher Remodeling Company, your kitchen will be up to the challenge! Contact us today in Indianapolis at (317) 852-5546 or request an online consultation.