Spring is in the air, and what better time for a new kitchen remodel? It’s a great time to experiment with colors, try a new trend like open shelving, or opt for new countertops. Continue reading to learn more from the professionals at Booher Remodeling Company.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for the Spring

Experiment with Colors

Brighten up your spring with yellow. Your kitchen will become more cheerful and suggestive of a beautiful, sunny day by being painted a shade of yellow. If you want a little extra color, choose a different shade for the little accents when pairing it with white. Several fantastic spring hues might give a spark to your kitchen if you’re not a lover of yellow. Greens, blues, aqua, pink, and coral are suitable substitutes for a spring-like feel.

Give Open Shelving a Chance

If you don’t like cabinets or your kitchen doesn’t have any, open shelving can offer plenty of storage space, making the space feel more inviting and modern. The items you need are readily accessible on open shelves. Additionally, as they are all visible, you won’t need to search through cupboards for your favorite mug. Plates, mugs, and other utensils can be more easily arranged on shelves, giving each item a specific location, and freeing up useful countertop space. Also, it’s a fantastic way to showcase your favorite dinnerware. Open shelves are the greatest alternative to cabinets if your kitchen is compact. They give the appearance of an expanded and decluttered kitchen.

Redefine Your Countertops

Your kitchen’s style is primarily determined by its countertops. A countertop has a distinct personality that can serve as inspiration for your spring kitchen’s new design. Use a strong, vivid, or textured countertop material to make a statement if you want them to be the center of the space. On the other hand, if you want other colors in the kitchen to shine, keep the countertops soft and neutral.

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