Are you in the market for a kitchen remodeler? Making the decision about who to hire isn’t something you want to rush. You want to make sure the kitchen remodeler working in your home does quality work at a reasonable cost—not to mention a contractor you can trust in your home. So how do you find such a kitchen remodeler? Booher Remodeling Company of Indianapolis gives you some tell-tale signs of a quality contracting team.

Positive customer reviews

Whether the references are coming from friends, the kitchen remodeling company’s website, or a service listing like Angie’s List, you want to pay attention to what people are saying. From these reviews or referrals, you can either begin your search or know what questions you want to ask the kitchen remodeler.

Proper certifications

Make sure the kitchen remodeler is certified. You may be able to find this information on the kitchen remodeling contractor’s website or by calling the company directly. Also, ask at which trade organizations the kitchen remodeler holds membership. While being a member of professional organizations isn’t a guarantee of great service, it does demonstrate a commitment to the industry.

Quality customer service

When you call the kitchen remodeler or interact via email, pay attention to the level of customer service. Do your interactions with that company make you feel at ease and confident in its level of professionalism? If a company values its customers, you should walk away having had positive interactions with all team members.

Outstanding workmanship

Ask to see the kitchen remodeler’s work firsthand. If they don’t have a photo gallery on their website, perhaps you can see examples of past work at the contractor’s main office or by referral. If your friend used a particular company, go check out his or her kitchen. Also, be sure to ask the design team detailed questions. Attention to detail shows they are willing to go beyond industry standards to make sure you get the best kitchen possible. In the end, you have to feel comfortable with who you hire. Make sure you interview and gather quotes from a few different kitchen remodeling contractors. Multiple quotes will allow you to compare not only price, but also your comfort level with that professional. Good luck in your search for a kitchen remodeler! We at Booher Remodeling Company hope that if you live in the greater Indianapolis area that you consider us for your kitchen remodeling project. You can reach us by calling (317) 852-5546; you can also fill out our online contact form.