Springtime, as well all know, is traditionally the season for cleaning house. If you missed the spring cleaning memo this year, summer works just as well. Today we’ll talk about how to get your messy bathroom into pristine condition. One of the most taxing parts of the home to keep clean and organized is the bathroom. Since it is a utilitarian room, we can spend an enormous amount of time in the bathroom without ever thinking about how our small habits can lead to a landslide of uncleanliness and disorganization. Here are some quick tips for keeping your bathroom from getting out of control. From the Top: If your bathroom is so far gone that you can’t even walk in without having a panic attack, consider bathroom remodeling from Booher Building and Remodeling. It’s easier to keep a fresh, new space organized from the beginning instead of waiting to rebuild after everything has already fallen apart. Dig Deep: Compile a list of all cupboards, drawers, and shelves and what their specific purpose is in the bathroom. Go through the list, item by item, and only keep the essentials. This will help cut down on clutter immensely. Thorough Clean: Clean that bathroom as if your life depends on it. Employ whatever cleaning methods work best for you and don’t stop until you see the bathroom sparkling. Once you’ve performed a thorough, deep cleanse, it will be easier to keep it clean in the future. If you’re dreading this part of the process, crank up your favorite album and try to make cleaning the bathroom as fun as it can possibly be. Www.booherbuilding.com has what you need to take back control of your home’s organization. From bathroom remodeling to kitchen remodeling, Booher Building and Remodeling is your go-to Indiana home improvement expert. Contact us today at 317-852-5546 and let us help turn your nightmare bathroom into your dream spa.