One of the best benefits of working with Booher Remodeling Company for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects is our design team. We make it our goal to make each phase of the design process as simple as possible for you, while also keeping track of all the necessary details in your project. Outlined below are the first three steps of our detailed design process as well as our current timeline so you can know what to expect.

Our Design Process and Timeline

1. Initial Consultation

Our design process begins when you schedule a design consultation where we assess your needs and discuss kitchen and bathroom designs. We set goals with you so we can understand what you hope to gain by remodeling, and we review your budget so we can give you a rough estimate of what the job will cost. Currently, we are able to schedule consultations about 6-8 weeks after you make your request.

2. Feasibility Analysis (Optional)

The next step is optional and comes at a flat fee, but if you want, we can perform a feasibility study to get a more detailed analysis of the budget and better define the scope of your project. We use this analysis to write your Project Overview and budget range, and we review it with you at a follow-up meeting.

3. Preliminary Design

Once you’ve approved the Booher Design Agreement and we have received your design retainer, we will begin to define the broad conceptual ideas of your project. We do this by developing your “Scope of Work” to describe all of your wants, wishes, and goals. Then we draw up your “Preliminary Floor Plan” to give you a visual of your goals. And finally, we’ll revise your budget to give you a more realistic picture of what your project will cost. We aim to narrow the estimated cost to be within 10% of the final cost.

Because our crew at Booher Remodeling Company has been remodeling homes in the Indianapolis area since 2001, we understand how beneficial our design team is to the process. In our next post, we’ll describe the remaining four steps of our design process to give you a full picture of what to expect when you work with us. Contact us today at (317) 852-5546 with any questions or request your free consultation online.