As warmer weather prevails, homeowners all over Indiana are making big plans for their houses – particularly the kitchen. After a long winter of being stuck indoors, surrounded by the same kitchen décor and layout for months, it’s no surprise that people are looking to give their kitchen a fresh, new face. Today we have some thoughts for you to consider before scheduling an appointment with your Indianapolis kitchen remodeler. Below are some helpful hints for your next kitchen remodeling project from Booher Remodeling Company, your go-to Indianapolis kitchen remodeler. Clear the Clutter: Before you start reorganizing and planning your much-anticipated kitchen remodel, make sure to clear the kitchen of any unnecessary products, appliances, or decorative elements that may be taking up valuable countertop real estate. A good rule to follow is, if an appliance hasn’t been used in the past three months, it should either be donated to a local charity or put into storage until it’s needed again – you’re not running a kitchen appliance museum on the countertop. A Personal Touch: When planning your kitchen remodel, forget about your current layout and listen to your gut. Just because a kitchen has always been set up with a certain flow doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way. With expert kitchen remodelers on the job, you’ll be able to start from scratch and turn your dream kitchen into a reality. So dig deep, get inspired, and start designing your perfect kitchen now! The more early prep work you do, the less time you’ll waste in the preliminary stages of your remodeling project. Choose Colors Wisely: The paint colors you choose to adorn the walls of your kitchen are extremely important. It’s important to consider the psychology behind the colors you choose to display in the kitchen. Deep, rich reds stimulate appetite and are an ever-popular choice for kitchen colors. Cooler colors like blue and green suppress appetite and may not be ideal for your kitchen’s decorative theme. Hopefully these tips provide you with some valuable knowledge to take with you on your remodeling journey. For expert kitchen and bathroom remodeling services you can count on all year round, contact Booher Remodeling Company at (317) 852-5546. As a trusted Indianapolis kitchen remodeler, we’ll be more than happy to put our finely tuned skills to work for you.