If you’re like many homeowners in the Indianapolis area, your home came standard with a builder grade bathroom. Sure, everything works fine and is functional, but you couldn’t imagine a less special space if you tried. Our design team at Booher Remodeling Company knows just how you feel. We know your style is not being reflected in your current, boring bathroom and we’re here to help. With just a few upgrades, your bathroom will soon be a space you can feel proud of.

How to Update Your Builder Grade Bathroom

A Facelift for Your Vanity

In new builds, the bathroom vanities usually are painted white. However, if your home isn’t brand new, it may still have an unsightly, orange-brown stained vanity. Either option would benefit from a coat of paint. Popular color choices include black, chocolate brown, and gray, but don’t be afraid to consider a bold color like navy or red. Additionally, most generic bathrooms don’t have cabinet hardware. Adding cabinet hardware not only looks good, but it also protects your cabinets from everyday wear and tear.

A New or Customized Mirror

Does your bathroom have a giant sheet mirror covering most of one wall? We recommend removing and replacing huge sheet mirrors with a large, framed mirror that possesses some character. If you don’t want to remove your mirror, consider framing it in wood; but, make sure to finish the back side since you can often see the back side of your frame reflecting in your mirror.

A Splurge Item

If you aren’t looking to completely redo your bathroom, but have a little extra money to spend, one of these options can make a big impact on your boring bathroom:

  • Replace the countertop with granite or other durable surface
  • Install a frameless shower door
  • Upgrade your sink, shower, and tub faucets

Want to find out more about our bathroom remodeling services? Contact Booher Remodeling Company today at (317) 852-5546, and set up a bathroom design consultation. We gladly serve homeowners of Central Indiana, providing high-quality bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and home design.