Kitchen remodeling is an exciting event for all homeowners. Many plan and save for months, even years, deciding on paint samples, reading through cupboard brochures, and choosing between countertop and floor samples. Making all these decisions can be a fun and scary proposition. One area that some people forget to plan for is how they will survive several weeks or months without a kitchen. Spending some time planning ahead for this inconvenience will help you survive your kitchen remodel with your sanity intact. If you are planning a complete kitchen remodel it will be rendered useless for some, or the entire kitchen remodeling time. Once your kitchen is gutted, you begin to realize how much time you REALLY spend in the kitchen. Take the following steps in order to survive the kitchen remodeling process.

Steps To Take Before Kitchen Remodeling

  • Set up a makeshift kitchen in another room of your home. If your refrigerator is now parked in your family room or living room, it makes sense to use this room. You can generally eat breakfast and lunch without needing your stove, so set up a cupboard or small island on wheels to hold non-perishable food. If you have enough room, add a few of your everyday plates, bowls and glasses.
  • Stock your makeshift cupboards with no perishable items that don’t take much preparation. Food like cereal, bread, oatmeal, energy bars, granola, chips, peanut butter and make ia meal or snack.
  • You need to plan to make simpler dinners and there’s no way around it that on some days you’ll just have to eat out—especially if drywall dust is blowing around the house. Not having a stove or oven can make it difficult to prepare meals. It’s not, however, impossible. Consider the following suggestions. Use your Crockpot. You can make several Crockpot meals very easily without a functioning kitchen.
  • Be sure that you stock up on paper plates, bowls, cups and plastic cutlery. This will drastically cut down on the amount of dishes you have to wash. Remember, for a while you will have to do without your kitchen sink and dishwasher.
  • Since you won’t have access to your usual kitchen sink and dishwasher. The bathroom sink, utility sink, or bathtubs are all possibilities. Purchasing dishwashing basins or tubs may be helpful as well.
Having an area to cook, eat and clean during kitchen remodeling will relieve you of unneeded extra stress. For any other tips or questions regarding your kitchen remodeling project contact Booher Building Company in Indianapolis by calling 317-852-5546.