A kitchen remodel is one of those larger projects that may seem difficult to schedule. How can you possibly give up access to your kitchen for that long? Well, that’s why summertime is the best time of year for a kitchen remodeling project. You likely won’t be home as much, meals can be prepared and eaten outside, and it’s easier to keep the mess of construction under control. Read on as the team at Booher Remodeling Company breaks down the benefits of a summer kitchen redesign.

The Best Time of Year for a Kitchen Remodel

Busy Schedules

Busyness is frequently seen as an excuse for not undertaking a home improvement project, but it can actually be to your advantage. We’ll be working in your kitchen while you’re busy dropping the kids off at various summer camps and sporting events or attending markets, restaurants, or movies with your friends. Since you’ll be gone all day, you won’t have to put up with the noise or dust of construction, and you’ll get to return home each evening to take in all the advancements achieved while you were gone.

Less Dust Inside

The additional airflow that is available in the summer is one of our favorite benefits of remodeling. It can be filthy and dusty during construction, and the dust needs a somewhere to go, preferably not towards the rest of your home. However, in the summer, your contractors and installers won’t have to breathe in all that dust since it can be better directed out of doors and windows.

Outdoor Cooking

One of the toughest challenges to overcome when performing a comprehensive kitchen remodel is how you will make meals for your family. How will you prepare dinner every night if you can’t use your stove or oven? Fortunately, you can enjoy the grilling season in the summer and barely notice the lack of access to your kitchen. While your kitchen is under construction, take advantage of the opportunity to spend time outside with your family and experiment with some exciting new grilling dishes.

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