If you are familiar with Booher Building Company, then you know that we aren’t just about contracting, but also about design. We pride ourselves on keeping our designers current on the newest design trends of the year so we can give you the bathroom you’ve always imagined. We like to incorporate fun and fresh trends while also helping our clients discover their personal style and preferences. Are you considering updating your bathroom? Let us give you four bathroom ideas that are trending now to help you envision your dream bathroom.

Navy Blue Paint

If you stay up on design trends, then you know that grays and neutral colors have been very popular in recent years, so you might not have seen this one coming. However, incorporating navy blue into the bathroom really complements white and metallic accents which are definitely trendy in 2018. So while neutrals are always a timeless look, navy will leave your bathroom looking updated and dressed up.

Rainfall Showerhead

If we could, we would probably all go to the spa every week to relax. So adding a spa-like feature to your bathroom would be a dream. A rainfall showerhead is a must-have in 2018. Rainfall showerheads feature a drenching, rain-like spray for total body coverage and a refreshing feeling. Bathroom Design Trends

Industrial Lighting

This year, soft, spa-like lighting is on its way out and is being replaced by industrial lighting. Industrial lighting can give your space a trendy, rustic feel, especially if paired with, you guessed it, navy blue. Upgrading your vanity lights is the perfect way to start incorporating the rustic look into your bathroom.

Natural Stone Tiles

Larger natural stone tiles are starting to replace the white subway tile we’ve seen in previous years. People are looking for easier-to-clean options, and they don’t want to be dealing with a lot of grout. By using larger tiles, there is less grout to clean. Also, the darker look of natural stone is soon going to be a very popular choice. Have we sparked your interest? Are you starting to see your dream bathroom in your mind? If so, make an appointment to speak with our design team to start to make your dream bathroom a reality. To find out more or to schedule a consultation, contact Booher Remodeling Company today at (317) 852-5546.