Customizing your house to make it a home that reflects your personal style takes time, effort, and some creativity. Booher Remodeling Company of Indianapolis, IN wants to help you do just that. Last month in part one of our home improvement series, we at Booher Remodeling gave our first five home improvement suggestions. To finish that list, here are five additional ways to give your home that custom look. 6. Love to cook? Turn your kitchen into a chef’s dream. Remodeling your kitchen and upgrading your appliances will make your mouth water (even before you start cooking). As the busiest room of your home, it deserves to get the royal treatment. Check out Booher Remodeling Company’s photo gallery for some kitchen design ideas and inspiration. 7.  Update or add lighting fixtures. A little lighting goes a long way. Find a unique statement chandelier to hang over your dining room table. Install custom lighting over your favorite pieces of wall art to give it that gallery feel. 8. Turn unused space into cozy nooks. Better Homes & Gardens recommends transforming wasted space into a cute, padded reading corner. If the space is in your kitchen, create a breakfast nook, a perfect place for your morning coffee. If you have kids, nooks in the kitchen or in an upstairs hallway can also be a great place to read or do homework. 9. Change your worn-out carpet to wood flooring. Hardwood floors add character to any home. Plus, you can select a variety of natural wood grains and pigments to get just the look you want. Be sure to choose something that fits your style without dating your home. 10. Install a front door that makes a statement. Make a first impression that will last by installing a unique, beautiful, and energy-efficient front door. You can find colorful front doors with windows, or sturdy and elegant wood-grained doors. The options are endless, so have fun with your selection process! No matter what home improvements you choose to customize your home, Booher Remodeling Company of Indianapolis can turn your dream into reality. Give our design team a call today at 317-852-5546 to discuss your options and schedule a free quote.