A common topic on the Booher Remodeling Company blog is how remodeling can improve the value of your Indianapolis home. However, what we don’t often talk about is renovations that could actually hurt the value of your home. Because your home is not just a place for your family to live, it’s also an investment in your future. So, if you plan to move in the next several years, you should avoid these three bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Renovations that Hurt Your Home's Value

1. Textured Walls or Ceilings

Some homeowners like to add texture to the walls or the ceiling because they believe it adds depth and interest to the space. However, if a potential buyer does not share that opinion, they are more likely to withdraw or lower their offer. Because texture is not an easy thing to remove from walls. It is a time-consuming project that potential home-buyers may not want to take on. Therefore, if you want to add texture to your bathroom, it’s best to do so in the form of removable wall decor and other non-permanent design elements.

2. Quirky Tiling

We understand the desire to personalize your space. In fact, we encourage it! However, when it comes to permanent, hard-to-replace elements of your home, it’s usually best to lean towards neutral designs that will appeal to more people. If you have some funky design ideas you’d like to incorporate in your bathroom remodel, consider installing a traditional white tile floor with a rug that is more your style. You’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to complete costly renovations in order to list your home.

3. Overly Luxurious Upgrades

At Booher, we love a luxury bathroom, however, there is the risk of taking luxury too far. Some upgrades will certainly add value to your home, but if you take it too far, potential home-buyers may be scared off. Instead of a giant, hard-to-clean whirlpool tub, consider a luxurious walk-in shower. Invest in a high-quality shower head instead of a sauna. And skip the fancy toilet with all the settings and choose an energy-efficient, low-flow model instead.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, remember to always have your future in mind. For help designing a bathroom that is your style but won’t hurt your home’s value, contact the design team at Booher Remodeling Company today at (317) 852-5546.