When renovating a home, it is important to incorporate updates that make you happy. After all, you’re living there. But it is also important to consider which updates will add value to your home and potentially pay for themselves. Also, if you ever decide to sell, consider which updates may turn potential buyers away. One of the best rooms in the house to add value with a remodel is the bathroom. You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, especially a master, and want it to be comfortable and inviting. Here are three bathroom renovation ideas that will add value to your home from the team at Booher Remodeling Company.

Bathroom Updates That Add Value | Bathroom Remodel

Double Vanity

In life, we share a lot of things- especially with a partner or spouse. But one thing that is difficult to share, especially in the bathroom, is sink space. Double sink vanities are almost a must in modern bathrooms these days. If your bathroom still has a single sink and has the room, then you should certainly consider adding a double vanity for your benefit and the benefit of the next owner.

New Tile

Tile simply has that luxurious feel to it, and buyers are willing to pay for that luxury. If you have laminate or vinyl flooring, consider upgrading to tile during your bathroom remodel. And tile doesn’t have to stay on the floor. Include accent tile around your vanity or put in a large walk-in tile shower. There are many possibilities to truly enhance your bathroom with tile.

Heated Floors

When it comes to comfort in the bathroom, heated flooring may be the pinnacle. The additional cost really isn’t that expensive but adds quite a bit of value to house shoppers. Stepping out of the shower onto a nice, warm stone or wood surface makes a world of difference.

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