Have you been wondering which home improvements can boost the resale value of your Indianapolis home? Booher Remodeling Company summarizes Remodeling’s 2014 cost versus value report for three of our most-popular types of home remodeling projects. Note that this research data is based on 2014 national averages, and if you want data specific for Indianapolis, IN, you should contact your real estate agent.

Basement Finishing

In 2014, a basement remodel increased property resale value. With an average home improvement cost near $62,000, most homeowners were able to see a 78% return on investment. Therefore, for a finished basement, you may be able to increase your home’s value up to $47,000.

Kitchen Remodeling

If you completed a minor kitchen remodel in 2014 and sold your home that same year, you likely recouped close to 82% of the project cost. Minor kitchen home improvements included upgrades like new doors and hardware on cabinets, replaced laminate countertops, repainted trim, and fresh wall color or covering. The cost of this type of kitchen remodel averaged about $18,000, and homeowners were able to increase property value by approximately $15,000.

Bathroom Remodeling

Up from 2013, a bathroom remodel was a home improvement that increased home value by about $11,000. Owners were able to earn back about 72% of their money invested, just by upgrading the shower, installing a standard toilet, making minor lighting enhancements, laying ceramic flooring, and including a few other minor changes.

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