230693917_2c5617603f_bHave you been avoiding your basement space? Do you only enter to dig something out of storage or throw in a quick load of laundry? Don’t let that underground space become unused space! Consider finishing your basement. Here are 5 tips to get your home remodeling started:
  1. Determine how you want to use your finished basement. Are you big into watching movies? An in-home theatre may be a perfect option. Do you need a place for the kids to play during the cold Indianapolis winter months? A playroom may keep you and your kids sane.
  2. Set a realistic budget. Finishing your basement can give you more living space when your budget is tight or you don’t want the hassle of moving. However, know what home improvements you can afford.
  3. Do your research. You can find all kinds of photo galleries online. Read customer reviews. See what other people are doing, and take note of what you like and don’t like. Many companies, like ours, offer free design consultation.
  4. Consider resale value. You may plan to stay in your home for the long haul, but if moving could possibly be in your future, you may want to stay away from over-customizing your finished basement space. For example, don’t install a dance studio if your home is short on living space or bedrooms. Talk to a realtor in your area to ask what type of space will increase your home’s value.
  5. Know what you can (and can’t) do yourself. We are fully supportive of the DIY generation. Refinishing parts of a basement yourself certainly saves you money. However, know your limits and your areas of expertise. Don’t start framing in a wall if you’ve never held a hammer. But if you’re great at installing drywall or laying flooring, then by all means, DIY your heart out.
If you want an experienced Indianapolis, IN home remodeling professional to guide you through finishing your basement, contact Booher Remodeling either online or by calling 317-852-5546. photo credit: Omega Man via photopin cc