Any type of home improvement is an exciting time. It can, however, also be very stressful. That is why it’s always recommended that you work with a professional contractor. This is especially true for a bathroom remodel. Limited space in a constantly changing environment can leave room for many mistakes. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Booher Remodeling Company.

Avoid These Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

Poor Ventilation

A suitably sized bathroom exhaust fan is a frequently overlooked feature. Humidity becomes trapped in the enclosed compartment in the absence of adequate ventilation. Paint, grout, and metal can corrode due to this wet atmosphere over time, which also makes mold and mildew thrive. Before turning on the fan in your renovated space, whether you already have one or add one during the renovation, be sure to vacuum the vent clear of building dust and debris.

Dysfunctional Spacing

It’s a major issue if your bathroom renovation design prioritizes appearance over functionality. Consider the plan and spacing first, then worry about the décor later. If you’re knocking down walls and shifting plumbing fittings, you’ll want to ensure that the new layout not only complies with the minimum space requirements set forth by building rules but also that the placement of fixtures and furniture allows for convenient daily use.

Wrong Materials

Bathroom materials experience a lot of stress, including high moisture levels and abrupt temperature changes. You’ll want to select bathroom-specific materials to avoid warped or mildewed flooring, walls, or vanities. It’s crucial to know that your wood vanity will last the test of time and that your wallpaper can withstand high humidity when you’re spending a lot of money to renovate your bathroom.

Unrealistic Budget

When it comes to the budget, be thoughtful. If you’re working within a tight budget, limit your spending to what you can manage. If you overspend, you’ll have to cut corners someplace and the results will be very disappointing. And because unexpected expenses do sometimes happen, plan ahead by allocating an extra 15 to 20 percent of your budget to cover them.

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