homework space IndianapolisWith the first day of school just around the corner, most families are busy juggling summer holiday fun and back to school preparations. While parents are busy shopping for supplies, we at Booher Remodeling Company thought we would offer some home improvement tips and points to consider to help get the kids’ study space set up and to make the transition back to class as easy as possible.

Do Your Homework!

By offering a dedicated homework spot to your children, you’re making it clear that they, and their studies, are a priority in your household.
  1. When choosing a location for the study spot, consider your child’s age. Younger children need to be closer to grown-ups for encouragement and help, while older kids probably need fewer distractions so they can concentrate.
  2. For younger kids, setting them up with a small table or desk in the kitchen, breakfast nook, or living room can be just fine.
  3. For older kids, a well-organized desk with storage can be set up in their bedroom if there is enough space and if they are not distracted by everything that is in their room.
  4. If you would prefer to set up a dedicated study-only space, consider converting a spare bedroom or remodeling or finishing the basement to give them a room of their own. This also offers enough space for work stations, a reading nook, and whatever else your little students might need. While basement remodeling takes time and investment, keep in mind that your children have a lifetime of homework and studying ahead of them, which makes this home improvement worthwhile.
  5. Color matters. Studies show that too many colors and decorations in a learning environment can be overstimulating and should be used in moderation. That being said, some colors to consider would be light blue for calm and confidence, green for focus and harmony, and muted shades of yellow, orange, and red for energy and creativity.
  6. Whatever the setting in your home, ensure that children have a clutter-free space with enough room to spread out their papers and projects, a comfortable chair that is appropriate for their size, and proper task lighting as well.
  7. Internet safety is an issue at all ages. Make sure your children’s computer or electronic devices have proper parental controls set up, and consider keeping computers in common rooms where there is adult supervision.
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