Do you have aspirations of remodeling your home or kitchen, but after researching prices have become discouraged at the cost? Perhaps you have even thought of compromising your original plan in order to stay within your budget? If this is the case, Booher Building isthe right company for you if you reside within 60 miles of the Indianapolis area. We never sacrifice quality for price. You can create a stunning living space and still stick to your budget when you choose to work with a valued and reputable company like Booher Building. When you want your kitchen to feel new, refreshed, and updated without a complete demolition, new countertops may be just the thing you desire. New countertops can make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen, and it can be affordable for anyone when you choose ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles provide a stunning appearance and great durability so you know your money has been well invested. As any kitchen remodeling expert like Booher Building in Indianapolis will tell you, ceramic tiles are polished, sturdy, and can reflect your home’s personality. A clay tile is formed by applying a tremendous amount of pressure, covering the tile in glaze, and then baking it in a kiln to harden and dry the ceramic piece. This process gives the tile resiliency to withstand heat, scratches, and wear and tear of everyday living in the kitchen. Tile also resists stains, water, and mildew. Compared to granite countertops, which can cost over $100 per square foot, ceramic tile is much easier on your budget with various choices in the $11 to $30 range. With ceramic tile, the design possibilities are endless. Tiles can have a variety of different looks and textures depending on the glaze finish you choose. Other than the various choices in glaze, tiles also come in countless colors, patterns, and mosaics.  A creative and functional design can be achieved by mixing and matching solid and multicolored tiles, or for a striking design you may opt to create a mosaic of your own! Our expertise in home remodeling in Indianapolis allows you to create a welcoming and beautiful kitchen while considering your functional needs and budget. Installation is a quick and pain free process performed by our professional and courteous technicians. We will combine your ideas with our know-how to create you a kitchen that is perfect for your family and your budget. Call us today for your free estimate and make your dream kitchen a reality!