Bathroom FlooringWhen it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you want to find that perfect blend of function and fashion. You want your bathroom to look great but also be usable in your daily life. And let’s face it: Between dropped curling irons and wet feet, that bathroom floor can take quite a beating. So what type of bathroom flooring is best to stay on trend while still being something that’s durable? Consider these few suggestions from our team here at Booher Remodeling Company.

1. Know your options.

Many people go with what they know before finding out what’s available out there. However, our design team at Booher Remodeling can help you know all the different types of flooring, along with their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll let you look at every sample we have and help you determine which one is best for you.

2. Consider the cost.

Even amongst the most cost-effective flooring, you can find quite a spread when it comes to price. You want to choose a flooring that will last but that also fits your budget. Often, people find that tile (either ceramic or porcelain) is the best value without sacrificing style.

3. Remember what happens in a bathroom.

Okay, we don’t need to talk details, but don’t forget that the bathroom is a high-moisture area. You want to select a flooring that can stay in good shape even with constant contact with water, hair supplies, and other liquids you might encounter in the bathroom.

4. Think long term.

You want flooring that’s updated, but don’t choose something that’s so trendy that it will be out of style in a year. Our design team can help you find a flooring option that suits both modern and classic design styles.

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