Florescent lighting replaced the dimmer switch, vanities replaces cabinets and bathtub styles are frequently changing. With all the bathroom remodeling trends that come and go it is more cost efficient to stick with the basics. Here are some tried-and-true choices that will give your bathroom a model feel for years to come. Using penny-round or hex floor tiling is an elegant look that has continuously grown in popularity over the years. It is a design that often reminds us of historic Victorian mansion flooring giving it a classic feel but has also been used in some of today’s more trendy designs. Laminate wood flooring is another solid go-to when choosing versatile flooring for your bathroom remodel. It can outstand high humidity and is easy to clean, making it not only a sleek choice but also a practical one. Laminate wood flooring goes with almost all bathroom designs as well so if you decide to change your décor again in the future your flooring is something you can keep the same. Painting your walls rather than wallpapering is a wise and cost efficient decorating choice for your bathroom remodel. Not only is paint easier to clean, it lasts longer and can be easily covered when desired. Another bathroom wall choice that manages to be historic and elegant with a modern twist is white or paintable beadboard paneling. White beadboard installed around the lower half of the bathroom walls keeping your bathroom looking fresh and clean for years. When it comes time to choosing your countertop for the bathroom, granite and marble are both winners in the classic category. If these are too pricey, a vessel sink or pedestal sink is a stylish option with a more budget-friendly price tag. Keeping the larger elements of your bathroom like the floor, walls and countertop one of these classic and versatile designs will allow you to make cost efficient changes elsewhere throughout the years. If you decide that you would like to brighten up your bathroom with trendy pops of colors, instead of changing the larger elements use floor mats, towels and other less permanent accessories to complete the look. For help deciding what basic look and elements are right for your bathroom remodel contact Booher Building Company INC., by calling (317) 852-5546. As a trusted Indianapolis, Indiana home remodeler, we will work with you to remodel your bathroom while providing excellent customer service, experienced professionals, and high-quality materials. In addition to bath remodeling we are also Indianapolis’s premier kitchen remodelers. Give us a call and start remodeling the Booher way!