Is your bathroom meeting your needs? Most homeowners share their bathroom with at least one other member of their family, so if your bathroom isn’t built for two, you’re likely wasting a lot of time waiting for your turn. At Booher Building Company, our design team is full of experts who excel at creating bathroom designs that are comfortable for use by two or more people.

Designing a Bathroom Built for Two

1. Storage

Storage is always a big consideration when designing a bathroom, but when more than one person needs to use the space, ample storage is paramount. Whether it’s a husband and wife or 2 teens sharing the bathroom, you’ll need enough space for double the toiletries, towels, and other tools, such as hairdryers. Consider also adding more towel racks and additional outlets so you’re able to use a curling iron and electric razor at the same time.

2. Sinks

A double vanity is a game changer when designing a bathroom built for two. Not only will you never have to wait your turn at the sink, you’ll also have double the mirror space to use. Also, a double vanity is a great way to add value to your home should you ever choose to sell it. Potential buyers want personal space in the bathroom just as much as you do.

3. Toilet

If you have the space for it, consider putting your toilet behind its own door for added privacy. If that’s not an option, try a half wall to separate the sink space from the toilet space without making it feel too cramped.

4. Shower

Finally, consider upgrading and customizing your shower so that more than one person can use it at once; for example, consider a larger shower with multiple shower heads. If showering together isn’t an option you’d like to explore, a customized shower with multiple storage options is still a great idea for bathroom sharers. Your teens won’t be showering together, but their shower products still need to cohabitate.

Let’s Get Started

Stop waiting in line to use your bathroom, and start designing a bathroom built for two today! The Booher design team is ready to help; contact us today at (317) 852-5546. We serve residents of Indianapolis, IN, and beyond, with expert kitchen and bathroom remodeling services.