If you’re considering taking on a bathroom remodeling project by yourself, there are several things to keep in mind before you start. Even the most experienced DIYer will sometimes need to take a pause and a deep breath before attempting such a big project. Therefore, you’re going to want to be as prepared as possible to get the best results. If you’re already overwhelmed by the prospect, go ahead and call your friends at Booher Remodeling Company and we’ll handle the job with precision. If you’re ready to tackle your own bathroom remodel, read on for our best tips!

DIY Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Remember to Shut off the Water

Our first tip is an important one: shut off the water to your bathroom before you start! Whether you plan to start your demo by removing the vanity, the toilet, or your bathtub, you need to shut off the water because you don’t know the condition of the valves that you’ll be working with. If your home is older, the valves may be damaged and can start to leak just by rotating them, this means you could have water running into adjacent rooms, damaging the drywall or floors. Instead of risking damage and complications to your remodel, shut off the water first thing.

Be Practical

Often, we see homeowners get so excited about the prospect of a new bathroom, they forget to be practical about their decisions. While it’s fun to think about the aesthetics of your new space, you’ll also need to consider the functionality. After all, a bathroom can’t just be pretty, it also needs to be useable. With that in mind, pay close attention to any layout changes you plan to make. Make sure each element is fully accessible and easy to use. This is also a good time to think about storage options and whether you’ll have the space to move around as you use your bathroom.

Ensure Proper Drainage and Ventilation

Finally, check and double-check that your drainage and ventilation systems are correct. Your shower floor will need to be properly slanted to allow the water to drain. Ventilation is also very important to ensure your bathroom stays clean and free from mold. Some bathrooms are designed with the vent fan too far away from the shower, resulting in mold growth on the ceiling. Don’t make that mistake!

Keep these tips in mind as you plan your next bathroom remodel or leave it to the experts at Booher Remodeling Company. We have expert home designers on staff who serve Brownsburg, Indianapolis, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today at (317) 852-5546 to request a consultation.