Homeownership comes with many responsibilities that you don’t always consider until problems pop up. Sometimes these surprises result in a lot of time and money being spent to correct hidden issues. There are, however, some repairs and quick fixes that are simple enough to make on your own. On this edition of DIY Indianapolis Home Improvements, we’ll discuss how to unclog a sink aerator. If you’re tired of water spitting and spraying unevenly from any of the faucets in your home, check out the helpful tips below from Booher Remodeling Company, your trusted Indianapolis home improvements expert. It doesn’t take a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project to keep your faucets flowing smoothly; just follow these three simple stages to the aerator-cleaning process. Disassemble The first step is to detach the aerator and carefully take it apart. Each component serves an important purpose and you don’t want to lose one during the cleaning process. If the aerator housing (the piece that drops down at the end of the faucet, where the water actually passes through) won’t twist off easily, you may need to use a wrench in order to detach it. Clean Once the aerator is unscrewed from the faucet, you’ll be able to take it apart for cleaning. Start by using the edge of a knife to remove the rubber gasket. Once the gasket is removed, you’ll see the actual aerator itself underneath. Next, remove the aerator from the metal housing and run the screen underneath the sink to wash away any sand or sediment that may be clogging your faucet. Make sure to flip the screen over and give both sides a thorough wash. The aerator may also have small obstructions in it as well; make sure to use a pin or thin tool to push out the remaining sediment. Reassemble & Test Now is the moment of truth. Carefully put your aerator back together and screw it in to place on your faucet. Run the water and ensure that you now have a singular, easy-flowing stream of water coming from your sink. If there are still impediments to your water flow after a thorough aerator cleaning, it may be time to consult a home improvement professional. Hopefully, with these quick and easy steps for unclogging the faucet, we’ve been able to save you some headaches and even a few bucks by giving you one more tool in your DIY arsenal. For Indianapolis home improvements that involve a little more expertise, you can always count on Booher Remodeling Company. Contact us today at (317) 852-5546 to find out what the Booher difference can mean for you and your home.