If you’d like to get a little easy summertime living into your life, you might want to think about creating or expanding your outdoor living space to include a customized deck from Booher Building Company. One of our specialties at Booher Building is creating beautiful outdoor decks and patios for you to relax in, entertain in and—should you choose to—even conduct your work in. Making the decision to add an outdoor living space to your home will put you in good company, because for the summer of 2010, the trend of outdoor living is stronger than ever. Erase from your mind the image of plastic weave lawn chairs of yesteryear. Today’s outdoor living rooms and decks are filled with stylish, plush, all-weather furniture, outdoor rugs, outdoor flat screen televisions, lighting, accessories and kitchens, all of which rival their indoor counterparts for utility and glamour. Let us help you create the foundation for such a space by designing an outdoor living space that will fit your lifestyle. We’ll sit down with you, discuss your needs, wants and budget and come up with a great plan. I spoke with two of our customers, Carmel residents Roger and Laurie Laurendeau. The Laurendeaus approached us with their vision of creating an outdoor living space in their backyard. “We really wanted something that looked like an extension of the house, not an add-on that came later,” Laurie told me. We took their vision and transformed an 800-square-foot space into an open-air living room complete with a partial roof, circular columns, lighting, a ceiling fan and a soaring stone fireplace. To that the Laurendeaus added an all weather sofa, side chairs, coffee table, dining table, café tables and a grill to make a customized space perfect for relaxation and entertaining—and occasional business. They’ve been thrilled with the results. The addition of the roof over half of their patio has allowed them lots of flexibility. Previously, the patio area received full afternoon sun, making it uncomfortably hot. “Now, at anytime of the day, we can choose between shade or sun,” Laurie said. “And, we can still enjoy the fresh air and be outside when it is raining.” If you’d like to explore the possibilities of creating or revamping an outdoor living space for your home, contact us at 317-852-5546 and set up an appointment to discuss your dreams for your home. What better time than the summer to create a space to relax and entertain in and create some fun family memories?