Yes, your bathroom is a place of function. You’re usually in there to get ready for the day, grab some medicine, or clean up after a workout. While your bathroom visits may be out of necessity, that doesn’t mean you can’t simultaneously do some relaxing. The master bathroom can be a place of calm—inviting you to stay and relax a while. Our design team at Booher Remodeling Company has put together this list of ways to infuse calmness into your master bathroom design. Bathroom Design Tips

1. Choose a tranquil color scheme.

You may love bold, brilliant colors. However, those bright reds or deep oranges may be doing nothing for your sense of calm and well-being. We recommend choosing light neutrals (white, gray, beige, etc.) or earth tones like blues or greens—colors you can find in nature. These colors naturally create a peaceful environment where you can let your guard down.

2. Install a soaker tub.

Nothing says, “Come and relax a while!” like a soaker bathtub. Just imagine unwinding at the end of a long day in a hot bubble bath, letting yourself breathe deeply and your body’s tension just melting away. You can find soaker bathtubs in many different styles and price points.

3. Avoid fluorescent lighting.

Nothing kills the calm quite like fluorescent lights. Not only does the lighting tend to be harsh, but it also can be noisy. That dull hum is enough to drive anyone crazy. Instead, opt for warm LED lighting that’s more pleasant and energy efficient.

4. Infuse some green.

Putting a little greenery, a potted plant here or there, does wonders in creating a tranquil atmosphere. You may not be a plant person, and that’s okay. You can find some realistic fake succulents or other potted plants out there that will give you the feel of greenery without having to worry about watering them.

5. Keep it organized.

A cluttered environment can subconsciously make many people more anxious. Therefore, to keep your sense of calm intact, we recommend that you have plenty of storage options in your master bath. If you have a place for everything, you’re more likely to put it away when you’re done. Want more bathroom design tips and tricks? Contact our designers today at (317) 852-5546. Our design and remodeling team at Booher Remodeling Company works with Indianapolis-area homeowners to create beautiful and luxurious bathrooms and kitchens, and we’d love to help you create your very own bathroom oasis.