Is your bathroom feeling a little cramped? Small bathrooms can start to feel cluttered very quickly, especially if the space is being shared. However, there are plenty of bathroom remodeling options you can do that will add storage and space to your small bathroom, making it easier for everyone to share. Check out these tips from Booher Remodeling Company, and start brainstorming ways to make your small bathroom better organized and much more spacious.

Adding Storage and Space to Small Bathrooms

Convert the Tub

Unless you absolutely have to have a bathtub, consider ditching it in favor of a stand-alone shower. Not only with this add useable space to your bathroom, but a beautiful glass-enclosed shower can also become a focal point in your new bathroom’s design. A seamless shower door will create the illusion of more open space, and your bathroom will instantly feel bigger and brighter. Plus, you can use the extra space for storage!

Think Vertically

Look around your bathroom. How much space isn’t being used between the floor and the ceiling? By installing vertical cabinets in this unused space, you’ll gain storage and convenience. These cabinets are great for keeping stacks of clean towels, which will also free up space in your hallway linen closet if that is where you currently keep them. If your wall space is already taken up by a large, builder-grade mirror, take this opportunity to upgrade to a smaller, more stylish mirror, and use the wall space to your advantage.

Switch Up Your Vanity

Finally, consider your current vanity and the features that do or do not work for your situation. If you have a double vanity, are both sinks being used daily, or should you consider switching to single to save space? On the other hand, if your single vanity is completely cluttered and you’re fighting over the sink each morning, consider upgrading to a double with plenty of drawers included so everything can be put away. Often, a bathroom will feel bigger simply by keeping the countertop free of clutter.

Stop feeling cramped in your bathroom, and start designing a bathroom with useable space and storage today! The Booher design team is ready to help. Contact us today at (317) 852-5546. We serve residents of Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Westfield, IN, and beyond, with expert bathroom and kitchen remodeling services.