Have you just finished a large kitchen remodel? Once the dust settles in your brand-new kitchen, it’s time to organize! Did you know there is a proper way to organize all of your kitchen items to make your life easier and cooking more efficient? Today on the blog, the experts at Booher Remodeling Company are giving you a few tips and tricks so you can really get the most out of your newly-remodeled kitchen.

How to Organize Your Newly Remodeled Kitchen

Be Intentional

When choosing which cabinets should house which dishes, take some time to think about it and be intentional. Items for baking and cooking should be kept close to where you prepare food. The drawer closest to the prep area should also contain utensils. It may be advisable to keep glassware close to the sink or refrigerator. If possible, create a coffee or tea station with sugar, mugs, and filters and set it up close to the water source. By doing this, you can avoid repeatedly circling the kitchen for the ingredients to prepare your morning coffee.

Organize with Containers

When organizing food items in your cabinets, we like using clear containers. This keeps like-items together and stops them from getting scattered throughout the cabinet. You can get small plastic containers for everything from packets of sauce mixes, gravy mixes, hot cereal packets, and hot cocoa envelopes to dry good items such as beans, rice, or flour. Your spice cabinet and pantry are also good places to implement clear plastic containers.

Get Creative

Finally, the organization tools don’t have to stop with the types of containers you use. You can also use things like Lazy Susans and drawer dividers to keep your kitchen organized and user-friendly. Oils, vinegars, and other ingredients for cooking, as well as spices, vitamins, and prescriptions, can all be stored on rotating trays. You can store items like beverages or condiments in your refrigerator on a couple of lazy Susans. For your kitchen utensil drawers, drawer dividers are fantastic. You can give each item its home in a drawer with drawer dividers, making locating items when you need them easier.

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