Icy roads, sidewalk shoveling, and more are most certainly in the forecast for the upcoming winter season. Want to make sure your home is ready for the impending onslaught of ice and snow? Today, the IN home improvement professionals of Booher Building and Remodeling discuss tips for safeguarding your home against the wintery menace. The winter season is well on its way, and it won’t just be bringing holiday cheer along for the ride. Below are some helpful hints to help you start preparing your home for winter from the IN home improvement crew of Booher Building and Remodeling. Chimney Check: Before lighting a comforting fire in your Indiana home’s fireplace, be certain that the chimney has been properly cleaned. Everyone loves the warm, cozy feeling a fireplace can produce on chilly winter nights, but a dirty chimney can be a serious fire hazard. If you want to have a Christmas Eve fire and keep your house from burning down, contact a professional chimney sweep to ensure your chimney is in perfect working order. Gutter Health: Fall, along with spring, is traditionally the time of year to give your gutters a thorough cleaning. If you haven’t climbed up to the roof to inspect the state of your gutters yet, the time to act is now. Gutters clogged with leaves and debris can develop ice dams in winter and cause significant water damage to your home’s roof. A little bit of gutter cleaning work now can prevent significant headaches and home improvement repair bills in the future. Look Out for Leaks: It’s always a good idea to investigate your home’s exterior for any leaks or cracks that can let warm air escape throughout winter. Not only will this keep your home nice and toasty throughout the season, sealing up leaks will save you a boatload on your winter heating bills. Of course, this only scratches the surface of ways you can prepare your home for frigid temperatures. Hopefully this quick list can help motivate you to thoroughly examine your home and make sure it’s fully prepared against any winter homecare mishaps that could arise. For help with IN home improvement projects or kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Indianapolis, contact the experts of Booher Building and Remodeling at (317) 852-5546 today.