Perhaps it’s hard to imagine your dreary, dark space as your family’s next hangout, but let your Indianapolis home remodeling experts work their magic to convert this unused area of your home into your new favorite hangout spot! If you’re fortunate enough to have an unfinished basement and the finances to finish it off, your home remodeling possibilities are almost endless. Finishing an existing basement is usually cheaper when compared to the square footage price of installing a room addition and works well for creating a space for your teen and their friends to hang out, a home office, or maybe even a home gym. Other possibilities for refinishing your basement would be to turn this space into a game room, home theatre, bedroom, bar, guest room, laundry room, bathroom, or even a craft room for your hobbies! Your basement space does pose unique challenges that are specific to this area of the house. It is best to consult with your home renovation experts to be sure you are correctly addressing all concerns. One of the issues your Indianapolis home improvement specialist may discuss with you is upgrading your sump pump to a newer model with a battery backup system. There are several advantages of purchasing a new model. One advantage of upgrading your sump pump is that you no longer have to worry about flooding in the event of a power outage. When installing the pump, keep in mind it should be located in a place with easy access. Location is also critical element when installing sewage pipes and water pipes. Be sure to have these pipes installed in an easily accessible place as they may have to be accessed from time to time. As your Indianapolis home remodeling experts, we will also help you figure out the height of your ceiling and decide on the placement of the ductwork and water pipes. Many contractors discourage plaster ceilings because the ductwork and water pipes may require installation on either the inside or outside of the ceiling joists. We would opt for the traditional acoustical tile ceilings allow for easy access to pipes, ducts and electrical wiring. It is also important to be aware of what type of walls you have in your basement, as well as if you have a poured or cement concrete block, and if you have had any moisture problems associated with them. Also, realize that many basements have sloping floors to facilitate drainage, so you may want to consider installing a sub floor. Lastly, we would make a point to properly plan access to traps, valves and electrical boxes. I know it sounds like a lot to deal with, but with our expertise in home renovation, you’ll be worry free and able to focus on the next job—decorating and enjoying your new space! We are professional, timely, and qualified; you can trust Booher Building with any and all of your home improvements in Indianapolis.