Even if you have little money in your budget for Indianapolis home improvement, don’t despair. You can make some big changes if you bargain shop and use what you have available for your Indianapolis bathroom remodeling project. First of all, make a list of what needs to be done. Take a look at your bathroom and write down what your priorities are. How are the walls and the toilet? How is the lighting in the room? Do you need to create more storage space? Increase functionality? Do you need new flooring? Make your list, so you know what to look for. For the next step, check your supplies around your home to see what is available to use for your Indianapolis bathroom remodeling project. An easy home improvement that can revamp your bathroom is to steam off any old wallpaper and paint your walls. This can completely transform the look of your bathroom without huge cost. You should ask yourself other questions like: Have you recently installed new flooring in your kitchen or other room of your house? Do you have enough left over that you can use for your small half bath? If not look for sales and closeouts on flooring. Depending upon the type of flooring you need, you may want to hire an Indianapolis general contractor to pull out the toilet before you install the flooring. Now let’s take a look at your sink and countertop area. If the countertop is bad, try replacing the countertop, sink and faucet. You can also repaint the cabinet to give your entire vanity area a new look. For a fairly inexpensive price, you can hire an Indianapolis home improvement specialist to install a piece of wood, such as pine, to the edge profile of your choice. Once you have the desired edging finished, you can now stain and polyurethane the board. Now you can prime your cabinets and paint it the shade whatever you would like it to be. If you have left over paint from painting the walls, use the same shade of paint to save even more money. If it’s a small room,  just one gallon of paint should be sufficient for your Indianapolis bathroom remodel. You can purchase new hardware for your sink and cabinet area. We suggest searching for a sink and faucet in the bargain section of your local Indianapolis home improvement store or closeout sales. You may also want to ask if there are any pieces being discontinued, you never know when this could result is you saving hundreds of dollars. You can also check garage sales, Craigslist, and flea markets for unique pieces that cannot be found in stores. Finally, take a look at your Indianapolis bathroom lighting. Do you need new fixtures? Allow yourself to be resourceful and creative when thinking of new ways to light your bathroom. The fixtures you choose don’t have to necessarily be bathroom lighting. Even outdoor fixtures can add a unique touch to your bathroom as well as save on cost. With a little ingenuity, creativity and time, you can have a beautiful new Indianapolis bathroom for a fraction of the price of a major remodel. For more information on these and any other Indianapolis bathroom remodeling ideas, contact Booher Building Company for all of your bath remodeling, kitchen remodeling, deck building, or Indianapolis home improvement needs. Call us at (317) 852-5546. We look forward to speaking with you soon!