There’s no doubt about it – this has been one tough winter, and according to a certain meteorologically inclined rodent, we still have a few weeks of frigid temperatures to endure. The seemingly endless winter can leave folks feeling depressed, and keeping the house nice and toasty for months on end can start to take a toll on your bank account. Today we have some simple Indianapolis home improvement tips to share with homeowners who want to stay warm while keeping their wallets from hemorrhaging cash. Below are some helpful tips to help reduce the cost of your monthly energy bill from the Indianapolis home improvement experts of Booher Remodeling Company. Proper Maintenance: Something as simple as swapping out an old, dirty air filter for a fresh, new one can start eliminating some of the cost that goes into heating your home in winter. Your furnace will be working overtime if it’s trying to push warm air through a filthy filter. A system will even shut down if the filter is dirty enough. Insulate: You’ll also want to make sure that any exposed piping for your water heater has been properly insulated. Water heaters in cold parts of the house like the garage should also be properly insulated. A water heater in extreme temperatures will have to work harder to perform its duty, thus expending more energy and costing you more hard earned cash. Paying to repair frozen or burst pipes is something you’ll certainly want to avoid if trying to save money. Here’s a quick look at some free fixes you can implement to cut back monthly energy costs around the house: • Fans: Don’t leave stovetop or bathroom fans running – even a small fan can suck the heat out of a house in just a few moments • Close Fireplace Damper: Heat rises, so keeping your fireplace damper open to the elements is like carving a hole in the roof • Keep Vents Clear: Any obstructions on the vents around your house are keeping treated air from doing its job – any hot air that gets lost on its way into the living areas of your house is money wasted Hopefully we’ve helped you equip yourself with some extra knowledge for cutting back on winter heating expenses. For further assistance in helping your Indianapolis home battle the elements, contact Booher Remodeling Company at (317) 852-5546 today. Our crew of Indianapolis home improvement professionals will be more than happy to help turn your house into the dream home you deserve.