Most homeowners in the snow- and ice-encrusted Midwest would agree that winter has officially worn out its welcome. Throughout this harsh winter season, your house has taken a great deal of abuse. Today we have some Indianapolis home improvement tips to help you stay sane and keep your house in shape until the milder weather of spring takes the endless winter’s place. Below are some helpful hints for keeping your house in good health for the remainder of winter from the Indianapolis home improvement experts of Booher Remodeling Company. Insulate: Be sure that any exposed pipes or water heaters have been properly insulated. As winter temperatures drop drastically, water in any exposed plumbing can easily freeze – leading to frozen or burst pipes. If you’ve already insulated your pipes at the beginning of winter, now is a good time to reassess the insulation and make sure it hasn’t been damaged by ice or storm winds. Roof Checkup: Heavy snow and ice accumulation have made this an especially arduous winter for the roof on your Indianapolis home. Make sure to take note of any signs of damage like loose or missing shingles and sagging. Taking stock of the current state of your roof can help eliminate any surprises when it’s time to repair it in spring. Potential Flooding: Here’s something to consider before inches of snow begin to melt: your basement. Many homeowners in the area experience a great deal of flooding during the spring season in general, so it’s a good idea to make sure that any valuables or seasonal decorations in your basement have been raised from ground level or moved to a different part of the house. Winter will eventually make its final curtain call. Until then, utilize these tips to ensure your home survives the onslaught of ice, snow, and sub-zero temperatures. For Indianapolis home improvement services all year round, contact Booher Remodeling Company at (317) 852-5546. Our expert crew of home improvement professionals will be more than happy to get to work for you.