Booher Building understands that today’s homes serve many purposes. Of course they are a haven for our families, but may also be the places where we conduct business, entertain friends and pursue our hobbies. Booher Building can help you remodel your home to best accommodate all the demands that you place upon it. Bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, room addition, home office remodeling, deck building and full home renovation are some of our specialties! One of the most used rooms is your kitchen, so we recommend you take your time to evaluate all of your kitchen renovation options! Kitchen cabinets are often one of the biggest kitchen remodeling decisions. Kitchen cabinets will also use a big portion of your budget. Your cabinets often influence what the rest of your kitchen will look like. Have an Indianapolis kitchen remodeler help you narrow down your kitchen cabinet option. They will provide you with modern, traditional, European, stock, and custom kitchen cabinetry choices. The first thing you should decide upon is what type of wood to use. There are many different types of wood used for cabinets. Mahogany and cherry are both very common choices for kitchen cabinets. However, they are expensive. Cherry also darkens as it ages and when exposed to sunlight. Hickory is slightly less expensive, but still gives a dramatic look to the wood. The dramatic feel comes from the open grain and color variations. Mahogany, cherry, and hickory wood will all accept stain easily. Another good choice for kitchen cabinetry is Pine. It comes in white, yellow, and ponderosa. Pine is a good choice for rustic kitchens. The main problem with pine is that it is a soft wood. This means the wood can easily gouge. Oak and maple are the least expensive wood cabinet choices. Both are available in white, yellow, and brown coloring. Oak can also come in a red color, while maple is available in a slightly pink. Oak and maple wood also accept stain easily. As your expert Indianapolis kitchen remodelers, we install wood cabinets of all kinds including birch, cherry, maple, oak, hickory, and maple cabinets, raised panel cabinets, arched panel cabinets, and flat panel cabinets. We can either build custom cabinets or install manufactured cabinets of all kinds.Once you decide upon your kitchen cabinetry wood type, you can start to determine the rest of your kitchen decorations. Lighter wood works well for kitchen cabinetry in darkly lit kitchens. Likewise, darker woods will work well for kitchens with lots of lighting. Booher, your Indianapolis kitchen remodeler, can suggest what type of wood will work best for your kitchen cabinetry. When you’re ready to begin the long awaited kitchen remodeling project, contact Booher Building, the most trusted kitchen remodeler in Indianapolis.