Instead of approaching kitchen lighting as an afterthought of your kitchen remodel, sit down with us, your Indianapolis kitchen design expert, to figure the best blend of natural light and fixture lights for your kitchen. In many older homes, the kitchen merely has one overhead light to brighten the entire room. The correct lighting can establish the kitchen as warm and welcoming for your friends and family to enjoy.  Contemporary designers know the importance of using several types of lighting such as task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting to make your kitchen a beautiful gathering place. The most important type of lighting is task lighting. It is the most important because it illuminates the areas where you are cooking, reading recipes, cleaning dishes and working in the kitchen. The most popular locations to install lights for these tasks include underneath overhead cabinets and above an island. When installing task lighting, it is important to make sure the lighting is correctly placed as to not create shadows where you are trying to work. Accent lighting is another type of lighting people use that can help show off the artistic elements in your kitchen. It can be used to highlight special areas or pieces in a kitchen. For example, you can install lighting inside a cupboard to highlight Grandma’s heirloom china, your favorite piece of artwork or maybe a ceramic tile mural on your wall. Ambient lighting is the third type of lighting that is important in any kitchen remodeling project in Indianapolis. Ambient lighting is an indirect lighting that helps to soften shadows in a room and creates a warm glow that draws people into a room. A popular place to install ambient lighting is in the area where the wall and ceiling meet to add subtle lighting to your cabinetry. A fourth type of lighting important for your kitchen remodel is decorative lighting. This type of lighting acts as a piece of artwork itself. They dress up the space as well as add light to an area. This type of lighting—such as elaborate chandeliers and pendant lighting—can expensive. If you’re in the middle of the >kitchen remodeling project but rapidly approaching the end of your budget, see if you’re contractor can at least have all the wiring in place so that when your budget recovers, you can install a beautiful fixture. We has been completing Indiana kitchen remodeling and Indianapolis kitchen renovations for 17 years, so you can trust that we have the resources and experience to come up with an innovative kitchen design that will transform your current kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.