If you’ve been considering a kitchen remodel, we’d suggest you look into some smart appliances. Smart refrigerators, stoves, and cookers can make your time in the kitchen much less stressful. You get all the joys of cooking without worrying about all of the different timers and temperatures. Your fridge can even keep your grocery list up to date. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Booher Remodeling Company.

Remodel Your Basic Kitchen Into a Smart Kitchen

Smart Oven

There are many appliances you may choose from when starting out, but smart ovens (and the stovetops they are connected to) offer some of the most convenient smartphone features. This includes the capability to receive alerts about timing or temperature as well as other crucial notifications. Even better, some smart ovens include integrated meat probes. These probes can send you notifications when larger meat dishes have achieved the proper temperature or provide you with cooking instructions for a dish you’ve never tried.

Smart Refrigerator

You have many different features to choose from when shopping for a smart refrigerator. Models like Samsung’s Family Hub come with a number of sensors and a specific smart screen for generating lists, setting reminders, and much more. Although it is pricey, you can manage your kitchen with the help of your refrigerator. The interior of your fridge can be scanned, and some models can plan a grocery list without ever opening the fridge, among other intriguing capabilities. These models typically omit the screen. Others have simple features like warnings if you leave the refrigerator door open or notifications that the water filter needs to be changed. We do, however, recommend you choose the fridge with the best climate controls and storage space. That is, after all, what the fridge is for.

Smart Cooker

Instant Pots are multifunctional appliances that can slow cook, pressure cook, create rice or yogurt, sauté food while preparing meals, and much more. You should consider including a small Instant Pot in your renovation plans if you frequently prepare one-pot meals, including soups and stews, or if you frequently serve rice with your meals. The more sophisticated models have smart technology that allows you to get smartphone controls and alerts regardless of what you want to cook. Plus, they can fit anywhere on your counter. Additionally, even when loaded with smart technology, similar cookers like the Instant Pot are typically far more affordable than smart microwaves or toaster ovens.

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