A bathroom renovation is a great way to breathe new life into your home, especially with all of the technology that is now available. Not only can you make your new bathroom sleek and comfortable, but you can also make it helpful, convenient, and energy-efficient. Here are some smart technology ideas from the team at Booher Remodeling Company.

Smart Technology for Your Bathroom Renovation

Privacy Glass

Your bathroom windows can be made transparent or opaque with adjustable privacy glass. The glass allows for the passage of natural light but has a frosty appearance that ensures complete seclusion. Using your smartphone or voice assistant, you can switch your glass from clear to frosted and establish automated controls to a set schedule. Your smart bathroom can feel sleek and contemporary while still adding privacy, versatility, and energy efficiency with the help of adjustable privacy glass.

Smart Toilet

Seat warmers, touch-free automated lids, night lighting, and even speakers for your favorite music are features found on many smart toilets. You know, just in case you feel like listening to music while you go. Smart toilets take up less area than conventional toilets since they are more compact. Additionally, because they are touch-free and many toilets self-clean, they are more hygienic.

Heated Floor

The uniform heating provided by heated bathroom flooring is its best feature. They provide a cozy, ambient temperature by heating the floor and the entire bathroom. The warm air that is distributed via HVAC equipment can be unequal. You have probably noticed that the area closest to the heating vent is warmer than other parts of the bathroom. There are no cold spots on heated bathroom flooring. Plus, it is a very energy-efficient way of heating your bathroom.

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