At Booher Building we specialize in home remodeling projects, and we’ve found that the different stages of life often precipitate all kinds of changes in the home. One of our recent clients, Michelle Powell, contacted me after her recent marriage. Michelle had moved into her husband’s home and both of them agreed that some updating was in order in the kitchen.  Everything was white—from the walls to the appliances—and Michelle wanted to inject a little more warmth into the living space. Or, as Michelle put it, “It felt like a hospital—very sterile,” she laughed.


Michelle found us through our listing on HGTV’s website, and told me that she chose Booher Building for several reasons. First of all, we responded to her request for information quickly; next, we are a “one-stop shop,” able to handle all the work they wanted done; third, she was impressed with our customer service; and finally, because we had A+ ratings across the board from the Better Business Bureau. We met with Michelle and her husband William to map out the work to be completed the schedule. They were pleasantly surprised at our two-week timetable. Basically, the Powells were happy with their kitchen layout and the kitchen cupboards, but wanted everything else updated. We replaced the flooring with bamboo, replaced the appliances with all stainless steel, installed blue pearl granite countertops, painted, added crown molding, installed new lighting, new sink and faucet, and replaced the handles and hardware on the cupboards.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Whenever you undertake a home improvement project, you always have lots of decisions to make. One of those involves choosing the appliances. Michelle was fortunate in that she has a contact that not many of my customers have. Her best friend works at Whirlpool, and Michelle was able to take advantage of their “Friends and Family” plan. She bought all Kitchen Aid stainless steel appliances, which look great in her kitchen. To choose her flooring, tile, countertop and other amenities, I recommended Drexel Interiors. Their designers are top-notch and walked Michelle and William through all their options and decisions. Once the materials began arriving, we got to work on the house—an exciting but stressful time. “The first couple of days, the worst part was the floor demolition because of the dust,” Michelle told me. Michelle was happy with my crew and how they took care of her possessions. “You took whatever precautions were necessary to protect my things, and made it as easy as possible on us,” she told me. “We could still use our kitchen the whole time, because of the way you timed things. You took the old appliances out in the morning and in the afternoon put in the new ones. Everything was hooked up by the end of the day.” Michelle’s project ran into a few “hiccups”; the tile backsplash they had chosen had to be special ordered from China, but they decided they liked it enough to wait the three weeks it took to ship. Other than that, everything went according to schedule, and the Powells are now enjoying a beautiful, newly remodeled kitchen. I asked Michelle if she had a favorite thing about her new kitchen. At first she replied “Everything,” but then singled out the paint colors. “The paint colors go well with everything we chose. It put warmth in the room and makes the room look bigger. The burgundy contrasting color makes the kitchen pop,” she said. Michelle’s Suggestions As experience is a great teacher, Michelle has a few tips for others considering a home improvement project.
  • Do your homework and research as much as you can.
  • Research consumer service, such as the Better Business Bureau, regarding the companies you are considering hiring.
  • Develop a rapport and a relationship with your home remodeling company.
  • Know what you want.
Couldn’t have said it better! If you’re considering a home improvement project, contact Booher Building for a consultation and an estimate. We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!