The trends for 2022 have spoken. According to experts, it’s all about feeling serene, calm, and lovely when the bathroom remodel is complete. Color designs for interiors are dominated by earthy tones and vivid accents. Your bathroom should feel like an oasis where tension and worries can be melted away. This idea is wonderfully reflected in the most recent bathroom color trends. Here are some color recommendations from the team at Booher Remodeling Company.

Summer Color Recommendations for Your Bathroom Remodel

Gorgeous Green

Shades of green are becoming more popular in bathroom remodels. More people are using this delicate, natural tone in bigger, more daring ways. If you’ve been wanting to try green, this is your sign because your bathroom is an excellent place to do it. Green is powerful without being overpowering. You might green tiles or paint your walls. You might also appreciate it as a vanity color. Green goes well with organic colors, so use it with tans, browns, and natural wood.

Beautiful Blue

Since blue is considered to be essentially a neutral by many designers, it is not unexpected that soft blue is a popular color for a summer palette. However, blue can also seem stylish and modern. You need a light blue that makes you think of a clear sky. By selecting tiles with a distinctive shape, you may make this hue more captivating. Scallops, hexagons, and geometric patterns all add visual interest. For movement and texture, you could also lay traditional subway tile in a herringbone pattern.

Enjoyable Earth

By including earth tones in your color design, you can let nature flow into your bathroom. Those looking for a more understated style have a choice between tans, browns, and grays. To give the room a modern appearance, incorporate natural materials like stone flooring and tiles. To add some color without detracting from the color scheme, add bathroom decor with a natural theme, such as plants.

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