If you’re planning a bathroom remodel in the near future, a great place to start is by choosing the style that is right for you. In order to achieve a pulled together look, you really need to hone in on the details of a space. At Booher Remodeling Company in Indianapolis, we have an expert design team that can help you create a bathroom space that is uniquely your style. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some common styles and the elements that are typically used in each.

Which Bathroom Style Is Right for You?

1. Farmhouse

Homeowners are still loving the approachability, light and bright elements, and classic materials found in farmhouse style designs. This style uses simple yet powerful materials, such as reclaimed wood and shiplap. In a bathroom, we like to see repurposed furniture such as an old dresser used as a vanity. Also, farmhouse bathrooms often feature freestanding bathtubs, painted finishes, and vintage lighting and mirrors.

2. Eclectic

An eclectic style might be right for you if you want to let your imagination run free in your bathroom design. You can mix different styles and periods to create a look that is all your own. Try shopping for accessories at flea markets or specialty stores, and look for things like wall sconces, interesting glassware, and linens. If you like the freedom to experiment and incorporate pieces you love while building on the look over time, this style is for you.

3. Traditional

In a traditional style bathroom, you’ll find classic materials that have stood the test of time. High-quality wood pieces are often used for vanities, benches, or chairs. Countertops most often feature natural or faux-natural materials, like stone, slate, or granite. Finally, whites, browns, and traditional reds, blues, and greens are common color choices for both accessories and overall color schemes.

Want to find out how you can incorporate these design elements into your bathroom remodel? Schedule a virtual consultation with Booher’s design team today, or contact us at (317) 852-5546. We’d be glad to talk about your bathroom design and remodeling plans.